Affirmative Action Plans

AAP Preparation — Affirmative Action Plans

Our focus is helping our clients meet their obligations with regard to the affirmative action and EEO requirements for women, minorities, veterans and the disabled.

To make that happen, we provide the following services.

Preparation of Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) – all AAPs are customized to ensure the most favorable outcome for each individual establishment. This includes:

  • Development of job groups.
  • Gathering and customization of labor market data.
  • Preparation of all statistical availability, utilization and goals reports.
  • Development of all narrative elements of the AAP.
  • Preparation of adverse impact analyses by job group for hires, promotions and terminations for the prior plan year and reporting of results. Perform the complex tests analyzing subgroups and the “most favored” approach currently being implemented throughout the OFCCP.  We work with the organization to ensure that accurate data is used for all analyses. 
  • Preparation of compensation analysis by cohort (job group, job title, or grade) and reporting of the results.
  • Provide a “Compliance Checklist Survey” and provide report results.
  • Providing consulting on affirmative action compliance, strategies and issues.
  • Providing affirmative action training on recordkeeping, affirmative action, adverse impact, compensation analysis and AAP implementation.

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