Core Competency

Preparation of Affirmative Action Plans and OFCCP Compliance is our Core Competency

Beyond our overall capabilities, there are a number of specific reasons why AAP preparation and OFCCP compliance is our core competency:

  • We focus not only on writing the AAP, but we go beyond that step to determine whether the establishments and the organization as a whole are in both technical and substantive compliance.
  • We take a preventative approach in performing early identification of potential problems, bringing them to the attention of the organization, and working with each establishment to resolve issues before the issues are identified by the OFCCP.
  • Compliance reviews of AAPs we’ve prepared have resulted in findings of full compliance for the vast majority of our clients.
  • The professionals of Douglas B. Brown, LLC have years of Affirmative Action/EEO and HR experience including hands-on HR practice. Much of our experience is in industry, with a concentration in manufacturing. This gives us the ability to look at affirmative action compliance not only from a strict technical compliance perspective, but more importantly from a practical business perspective. We consistently ask the question, “What makes the most sense for this organization and allows the establishment(s) to be seen in the most positive light?”
  • Douglas B. Brown, LLC is a law firm which brings an additional level of security and support to a client’s organization. The organization can be confident that the plans are legally compliant. When we prepare a plan and look at data, we take into account whether the product is legally defensible. With OFCCP’s focus on discrimination, this is a critical consideration. We provide legal support as necessary and requested by the organization. To the extent that an argument may need to be made to protect the confidentiality of data, we can assert the Attorney/Client Privilege.
  • Our record is one of taking the initiative, being proactive, staying current and communicating any new changes and development to our clients.
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