Legal News & Updates

Legal News and Updates

To assist our clients in keeping abreast of the ever changing regulatory and legal environment surrounding affirmative action compliance, Douglas B. Brown, LLC publishes Newsletters and News Flashes dealing with current topics of immediate importance. These are disseminated electronically. Current clients automatically receive them as they become available. Any interested party is invited to sign-up for our email list.

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2017-04-04: The Future of the OFCCP, the Executive Order, and Affirmative Action
2015-09: Non-Retaliation for Comp Disclosure, Paid Sick Leave, Temp Employees
2014-12: Strategic Considerations in Complying with the OFCCP’s New 503/VEVRAA Regulations
2014-11: Minimum Wage, Listing Jobs, Record Retention, New Vets-4212 Report
2014-10: OFCCP’s New FAQs, Being Big & Expansion of OFCCP Compensation Data Requests
2014-09: Disposition Codes
2014-07: New 503/VEVRAA FAQs From the OFCCP
2013-05: Notice of Rescission
2010-02: Leadership Change at OFCCP and What it Means
2008-02: Posting Jobs, Temporary Agencies, New I-9 Forms
2007-03: EEO-1 Revisions

News Flash:

2017-09-22: Clarification to Minimum Wage Increase News Flash
2017-09-21: VETS-4212 Filing Deadline Extended/Federal Contractor Minimum Wage Increasing Jan. 1, 2018
2017-09-15: OFCCP/EEOC Merger is off the Table
2017-09-07: New DOL Salary Level Test Blocked/EEO-1 Data Capture Period Announced
2017-08-30: OMB Suspends New EEO-1 Report and Other OFCCP Updates
2017-08-22: Asking Applicants for Prior Salary:  Options for the Future
2017-08-11: Update on the Future of the New EEO-1 Report
2017-07-27: Revised Form I-9 Now Available
2017-05-24: Proposed Merger of the OFCCP & EEOC – The Trump Administration Wants to See This Happen!
2017-02-23: Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) Mailed Out By OFCCP
2017-02-16: New OFCCP Scheduling Letters Being Released?
2017-01-31: Disability Self-ID Form Renewed for Three Years
2017-01-27: New Form I-9 in Effect
2017-01-19: New EEO-1 Report:  “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”
2016-12: President-Elect Trump and the Promise to Repeal EO’s & Regulations
2016-11: Regulations Raising Salary Threshold for Overtime Eligibility Blocked
2016-10: Fair Pay Injunction
2016-05: New Federal Overtime Regulations Released Effective December 1, 2016
2016-02: EEOC Proposes Adding Pay Data Collection to EEO-1 Report
2016-01: Prohibitions Against Pay Secrecy
2015-11: New Posting & Notice Requirements – CORRECTION
2015-11: New Posting & Notice Requirements and Increased Threshold for 4212 
2014-11: OFCCP Releases Final Rule on LGBT Discrimination
2014-10: Revised OFCCP Scheduling Letter
2014-08: Executive Order Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces
2014-07: Executive Order LGBT
2014-04: Executive Orders and Presidential Memorandums 
2014-03: Section 503 and VEVRAA Revised Regulations
2013-04: New I-9 Form Effective May 7, 2013 and I-9 Form
2013-03: OFCCP Issues New Directives
2011-05: Proposed Revisions to Veteran’s Affirmative Action Regulations
2010-06: DOL Notice of Organizing Rights – Final Regulation
2005-10: Who’s an Applicant 

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